Competition for local ad dollars in this economy means that it’s never been tougher to increase revenue. Everyday, your reps are told by advertisers that “newspapers are dying” or “I’m not going to advertise until the economy improves.” It used to be simple:  sell print. Now your sales team is selling an ever-changing mix of products and services: web, niche, special sections and deals.  AdSeller is the sales tool your ad reps want and proven program that delivers revenue fast!

Small Business Adseller

Simple. Fast. Easy. Effective. Small Business AdSeller is unique: a simple, understandable sales tool that is used by both inside & outside sales reps. The research data is updated free every 90 days from the respected national Pulse of America survey, which means you can create presentations for print or digital for over 400 small business types. Small Business AdSeller includes a prospecting program, sales management tool, and 24/7 results reporting. Plus, it’s a great sales training program. With Small Business AdSeller, expect to generate at least $100,000 in less than 90 days.
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Adseller Plus

AdSeller Plus combines your local research results PLUS the current national Pulse of America research, all within the simple and effective AdSeller program. Updated every 90 days with the latest POA data, presentations made with AdSeller Plus show advertisers their share and the exclusive reach of your audience compared to all competitive media.

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Pulse Answers


The reality: As economic uncertainty continues, your advertisers more than ever expect current reader purchasing information, in other words, the potential customers and sales for their business over the next 12 months.

What is Pulse Forecast? It’s a business resource tool. Advertisers can now go online and access current reader purchasing information and create their own potential customer and sales projection based on your circulation and the current quarter Pulse of America research. Pulse Forecast is a very positive public relations program.

Qualified leads: 27.3% of businesses who setup a Pulse Forecast account asked for an ad rep to come out with marketing ideas to help them get a larger share of your readers’ spending.

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Pulse of America Survey


Publishing 2011: There's been quite a bit of bad news and challenges for newspapers lately; the economy, audience migration to the Internet, a guy named Craig, along with the perception that “newspapers are dead”.

What is the Pulse of America reader survey? Pulse of America is the ongoing “pulse” of the economy and newspaper effectiveness. The POA is an ongoing survey focused on documenting the shopping & purchasing plans of readers and website visitors, every quarter. In addition, the research also documents print advertising readership and effectiveness. Pulse of America was originated and co-ordinated by Pulse Research, with over 350 newspapers, corporate groups and regional & state press associations as co-sponsors. The POA results are provided by Pulse Research on a complimentary basis to all publications and associations who promote the survey. Every 90 days, participants receive a free copy of the statistical results.

Order Pulse of America Reader Results. Get the latest Reader Research updated every quarter. Survey includes 120 research questions, in addition to purchasing plans, social media, and advertising effectiveness. WIth over 450 business types and over a thousand products and services - use research to get proven sales results. Purchase of results also includes free sales support, prospecting program, sales training webinars and executive summary. Purchase research packages for just $195. Click here to find out more.

Join the Pulse of America network If your association is interested in participating in the ongoing Pulse of America survey, please contact Pulse Research. Also let Pulse know if you are interested in learning how your publications or press association can get free reader research of your member publications.
contact: Andrew Dove, 503.626.5224 or

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First released in 1995, HomeSeller is a comprehensive online real estate solution for newspapers. HomeSeller provides newspaper websites with listings from data imported from the local MLS or other sources. For newspapers who do not work with their local MLS, Pulse has developed a non-MLS Homeseller solution as well. With diverse revenue opportunities ranging from broker content and agent listings to keyword and advertising sales, HomeSeller can give you the edge you need to get back in touch with the real estate market. By evaluating your local real estate market Pulse Research can recommend a HomeSeller program especially for you, with revenue generation tools designed to capitalize upon your strengths and improve your weaknesses. The real estate market is on the rebound; use HomeSeller to deliver the online services your customers demand.

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