Pulse Sales Tools

Pulse Sales Tools give your sales team the upper hand when competing for local advertising dollars. An easy to use online platform, Pulse Sales Tools allows your sales staff to create advertising presentations in the office, on the go, on in front of a potential client. Backed with the most current shopping data available, your sales staff become valued consultants.

NEW! Pulse + Metro Special Sections Program
Simplify Sales and Generate Significant New Revenue With Fully-templated Themed Sections + Automated Call Planner.


"Pulse has given us the opportunity to interact with clients like never before. It gives us another reason to see them. As a manager it gives me the opportunity to see a snapshot of how my sales department is doing - who they're prospecting, selling and who is passing. It is a valuable tool that has assisted us like no other in the past several years."

Lisa P.
Advertising & Creative Services Manager

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