Are you concerned about losing print real estate revenue? HomeSeller has solutions.

  • Customizable

    You have full control over the design of your site. Choose from our default templates or provide your own design.

  • Featured Packages

    A wide variety of optional promotional features can be activated to increase visibilty of your featured agents, brokers, and listings.

  • MLS Import

    We develop a custom import to update all of your MLS listings automatically each day.

  • Real-Time Statistics

    View tracking statistics for listings, agents, sponsors, and unique visitors to your site.

  • Marketing Support

    The Homeseller is backed by Pulse Research's range of local market surveys and suite of other sales solutions.

  • Technical Support

    Free training sessions and tech support is available for your administrators and sales staff.

  • MLS import

    Price is based on the circulation of your newspaper, the complexity & format in which your MLS data is provided, and the level of development time required.

  • non-MLS

    Price is based on the circulation of your newspaper, and the number of broker-sponsored search positions featured on your site.

  • Tech Support

    Your Homeseller is backed by ongoing customer support to keep you up to date with all of the latest features. Training sessions and webinars can also be scheduled at any time.

  • Sales Support

    Homeseller is backed by years of experience. Market surveys and promotional packages are available for your sales staff, and can be integrated with Pulse Research's other software solutions, such as AdSeller.

  • Design Support

    Customize the look and feel of your Homeseller, to fit your needs and make it your own.

  • Development Support

    Homeseller is constantly evolving. We have the ability to add custom features to suit your preferences.

View the Live Examples

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MLS Import examples:
Non-MLS examples:

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