A simple call sheet for sales call planning.

Pulse Call Planner

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What Others are Saying

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"One of the things that impressed me was that within the first few days of using the Call Planner, every single one of the salespeople came to me and told me how much they liked this Call Planner over existing daily call sheet.""
"A perfect organizational tool for sales staff and the sales management team"
"I am really impressed by it, and I recommend it to anybody."
- George Rock, Plattsburgh Press-Republican

"I would absolutely LOVE and adore this planner and I have been wanting to have something like this from the word go in my job!""

Quick Start Guide

Download a PDF of the Pulse Call Plan Guide

1 Find Prospects

Identify prospects from a map of your sales territory.
Then add a business to your call plan.

2 Record Activity

Record sales activity for a business on the account page.

3 Submit CallSheet

Print a daily or weekly Call Sheet in addition to sharing online.

Overview of Pulse Call Plan

Quick Walkthrough


Inside Sales


With the Pulse Call Plan your sales team will immediately be creating online call sheets that you can review in real-time.

Primary benefit


Your sales team will embrace a simple call planning tool that saves time.
While you will benefit from better prospecting, monitoring and real time reporting of follow through.

Example of use


Create stand alone call sheets for upcoming special sections.
Assign and track prospects for sales team.
Stay on top of progress in real time.

Extended benefits


Use the call planner to track sales calls with inside sales people.
Inside sales reps can find prospects and call from an online call sheet.


What's Your Plan?

Ensure Sales Success

Pulse Call planner is simple call sheet solutions that includes everything you need to prospect, assign, schedule and track sales calls with your sales team.
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