How to get more revenue from special sections

Brief Introduction to Connect


The Cold Call Game Changer

42% of drop-in calls get an immediate meeting with business
70% of those, the business requests a follow-up ad campaign presentation.

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Inside Sales & Telemarketing with Connect

What does it cost?

No-risk, affordable monthly use license.
Guaranteed to get contracts from non-advertisers.

Here’s Why

your ad reps will actually use Connect.


"It is personalized and specific to the client you are dropping in on"
"Peaking interest of the business because they WILL want to know these answers....."
"I like the participation aspect of it. Getting advertisers involved is important."
“Brief and to the point it gives the customer a little but not to overwhelming”
“We are giving the potential client something of value; instead of asking for something.”
“it will get the business owner thinking about how many potential customers are out there in need of the product(s) they might carry - will be of great interest to the business”
“Gives detailed, personalized results that can help drive their advertising mindset in the right direction”
“I like the simplicity of the "hook" it at a glance shows that we have information on their industry.”
”I think it will draw clients in because it is information that they want and need to know.“
“Clean, short, simple, personal, engaging, visual, and direct“
"Pulse is the best tool we have ever had and I love the rewards and competitiveness that it creates" Nancy G. | Account Executive
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